Quinpool Mural Walk

Grab your camera and head out on a Self-Guided Mural Walk on Quinpool Road!

The Quinpool Road area (between Robie Street and Beech Street) is home to over 30 amazing works of art that for the most part were completed during the Halifax Mural Festival in 2022 and 2023. The artists are both well- established and emerging, some that call Halifax home and some from further away including Denver, North Carolina, Ottawa, and Toronto.

These artists have brought colour to Quinpool from one end of the business district to the other creating amazing works of art and leaving their mark on Quinpool Road. The talent and creativity of these artists has changed the ‘vibe’ on Quinpool and has brought so much colour and life to the Quinpool Neighbourhood!

To take your walk, we suggest you start at one end of Quinpool and walk along one side of the street, cross and walk back along the opposite side of the street. We also suggest that as you stroll, pop into some of the unique shops, restaurants and cafes that call Quinpool home!

Follow the map below to help you navigate the tour. Scroll a little bit further to see a gallery of all the murals!  A downloadable map can also be found following the gallery.

Pro tip: Click or tap the “enlarge” icon on the map  (the one with the four corners) in the upper right corner of the map to open on Google Maps


Quinpool Mural Map

If you are unfamiliar with the Quinpool Road area, you can download our Mural Map