Your Neighbourhood Mainstreet

More than 120 businesses within the heart of Halifax invite you to explore Quinpool Road.

Located on the western edge of the Halifax Commons, Quinpool Road is just a short walk from Halifax Citadel National Historic Site and the Museum of Natural History.

Quinpool Road features numerous unique small businesses offering a specialized and intriguing array of products. Where else can you buy athletic wear, model cars, surfboards, or take a yoga class or get a hair cut – all during a leisurely stroll? You will also find a host of services, such as catering, insurance, financial planning, graphic design, pet care and a full spectrum of beauty, health and alternative health products and services.

As for basic needs, Quinpool Road offers an Atlantic Superstore, Petro Canada, a Nova Scotia Liquor Commission outlet, a four star Hotel and a number of national bank branches.

Known far and wide for its variety of ethnic food, Quinpool Road serves up the city’s best selection of Greek, Italian, Japanese, Lebanese and Chinese fare, to name but a few. You will also find a dozen family-run eateries serving everything from down-home meals to pizza, hamburgers to vegetarian and Nova Scotia’s popular donair. If you are in a hurry, there are several popular fast food restaurants such as McDonald’s, KFC, Tim Horton’s and Wendy’s.

Night or day, Quinpool Road always offers that special flare of “neighbourhood service”. It’s The Place To Be.

Our Mandate

The Quinpool Road Mainstreet District Association was formed as a business improvement initiative in February, 2001 to carry out marketing and improvements to Quinpool Road. Our Mission is to “provide an organized, consistent and educated voice that serves to grow the potential of the district, while preserving this unique community.”

The boundary for the Business Improvement District begins on the corner of Quinpool and Connaught and extends to Robie and Quinpool on the South Side and Windsor and Quinpool on the North Side. If you own property, or are operating a business, located on Quinpool Road, you are already a member of the Quinpool Mainstreet District Association and can start benefiting from the services that we have to offer.


About Membership

Wikipedia defines a Business Improvement District as “a defined area within which businesses pay an additional tax or fee in order to fund improvements within the district’s boundaries. BID’s provide services, such as cleaning streets, providing security, making capital improvements, streetscape enhancements, and marketing the area. The services provided by BID’s are supplemental to those already provided by the municipality.”

There are no up-front fees to join the Quinpool Road Mainstreet District Association. Like all Business Improvement Districts in HRM, the municipal government collects money from the commercial property owner through a levy on commercial taxes. These charges can then be passed on to the tenant operating a business within Quinpool’s Business Improvement District Boundary.

The money collected is used to pay for staffing, enhanced maintenance, graffiti removal, marketing initiatives, special events and projects.

Benefits of Membership

Members of the Quinpool Road Mainstreet District Association directly benefit from promotional activities like the Park Smart Guide, Only on Quinpool Map (distributed to hotels across HRM), Holiday promotions and special events directed by the Association.

Events such as Quinfest, the Annual Pet Parade, and Holiday contests draw people into our district. Businesses are highlighted on the Association’s website, social media channels (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) and new businesses are featured in our newsletter. Members are kept up to date on issues such as special events, marketing opportunities, seminars, parking, government advocacy, crime and safety and other matters of interest though frequent e-mail updates from the Executive Director.

More Information

The Quinpool Road Mainstreet District Association is governed by a Board of Directors and Karla Nicholson, Executive Director, who operates the day-to-day business of the association. To contact Karla call 902-209-2201 or e-mail

Annual Financial Reports

Our By Laws

Our Board

Lorelei Burgess, Chair
Oxford Learning

Laura Draeger, Vice Chair
Dilly Dally Coffee Cafe

Ferdinand Ballesteros
The Ikebana Shop

Jackie Turner
East Peak Climbing Gym

Dean Cheverie
Aerobics First

Richard Connolly
Commercial Property Owner

Gerald Lonergan
East Coast Bakery

Ron Smith
Studioworks International Inc.

Sue Stanfield
The Trail Shop

Drew Voegeli
Cheeky Neighbour Diner

Joel Martell
Oddfellows Barbershop

Kimberly Crane
North Atlantic Trading Company

Courtney Quinn
Oxford Tavern

Ali Shaarawi
Naan N Curry & Quinpool Billiards