Graffiti Removal

The QRMDA will arrange for removal of graffiti from visible locations within the District at no cost to the business or property owner.

Please report graffiti as soon as it is spotted; quick reporting is essential in preventing it from reoccurring. Graffiti that is removed within 24 hours has a 10% chance of returning. Graffiti that is in place for two weeks has a 100% chance of returning. *
*Statistics courtesy of Halifax Regional Police

Please report graffiti and other acts of vandalism to the Halifax Regional Police by calling their non-emergency line at 902-490-5020. Reporting allows police to track how much of a problem it is within the district. If you spot graffiti on public property, please report it by contacting Halifax Regional Municipality by calling 311. To arrange for graffiti removal, please email us at

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